Red deer rut, Richmond Park

The Red deer rut (Cervus elaphus in Latin) is one of the UKs best natural spectacles, and easily accessible if you have a handy park like Richmond or Windsor on your doorstep, which I dont anymore so after missing the rut last year due to moving house & various other things getting in the way, we decided this year to head up to Richmond Park.  I still see people getting way to close during the rut, what makes somebody think its safe to think hmmm im photographing the deer rut, maybe i’ll use a 200mm lens? Bit of common sense goes a long way when dealing with testosterone fueled beasts. In saying that, I haven’t seen any reports this year of people being chased up a tree.  These were all taken on a 500mm, and some were cropped too.

Maybe if your’e after some hinds (female red deer) then get up & put some effort into it!

Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) bellowing, Richmond Park,England, UK ©
Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) bellowing, Richmond Park,England, UK ©

Just like this guy

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Apo island and Dumaguete, Philippines

I recently got back from a diving trip to Dumaguete in the Philippines so it’s time to share a few pictures

Cant remember the name of the dive site but this was taken at Apo island, just as the Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) was on the way up to the surface.  You can see how shallow it is here, 4 or 5 meters at the most.

Green turtle and diver
Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and diver, Apo island, Philippines ©

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Night time visitors


Here’s 2 of the UKs most hated animals (by some anyway) a fox and a badger happily feeding side by side.  Not a shotgun in sight.  Apparently they see the garden as a safe haven after going out sneezing all over cattle & climbing through open windows in the dead of night to eat babies.

In case its not blindingly obvious, I am against the badger cull currently running in the UK to appease certain farmers.  Nice to see Village Farm in Devon doing whats right though, maybe check out the link & send some peanuts their way to help out?


Fox & badger feed side by side in garden, England, UK


Also take a look at the work of the Badger Trust and the Fox Project