Red deer rut

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Red deer (cervus elaphus)


Autumn can only mean one thing to me, and that’s the Red deer rut. Mid October, ie. now, the stags are dosed up on testosterone and willing to scrap for their fair share of hinds. With the accessibility of Richmond/Bushy Park and Windsor Great Park, we have some great places to see the rut. So get up early for those misty breath shots and keep your distance. Better to crop a shot than end up one of those numptys who gets chased (seemingly) every year for getting too close. And if you think they look all cuddly, check out the guy peeing all over his own face! This is one of mine that ended up in The TimesStag rutting

Red deer (cervus elaphus)

Red deer (cervus elaphus)

Red deer stag (cervus elaphus)

Red deer stag (cervus elaphus) with hot breath, Windsor Great Park, Berkshire,England,UK

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