Badger (meles meles) Eat Sussex garden wildlife, England, UK ©

Anyone for peanuts?

2 different views here of a couple of common UK mammals.  These are not likely to confuse you on your British mammals identification! We have a family of 5 foxes (Latin name Vulpes vulpes) that visit us most evenings, there’s usually 2 or 3 hanging around and hopefully they see it as a safe place to be.  I took this little video of them chowing down on some peanuts the other night

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Slow worm (Anguis fragilis) East Sussex garden, England, UK ©

Garden wildlife, East Sussex

Finding wildlife to photograph can often be tricky to say the least, so recently I’ve taken to a bit of macro photography in the garden.  Its something that I do mostly on diving trips but should do more of at home, even though it can be an absolute nightmare trying to identify different species!

1st up is 1 of at least 3 slow worms in my garden, they are totally harmless lizards, not snakes, and if you’re wondering “Do slow worms bite?” then the answer is no 🙂  These guys live in and around our compost bins and luckily the area is full of slugs which the slow worms eat.

Slow worm (Anguis fragilis) East Sussex garden, England, UK ©

Slow worm (Anguis fragilis) East Sussex garden, England, UK ©

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A new home – 2nd August 2015

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A little over 2 weeks ago we moved into East Sussex, the previous owners of the house had done a fantastic job of turning the garden into a wildlife haven, it was actually a massive reason for us moving here.  In amongst all the usual birds,bees & butterflies, we also have a couple of different mammals visiting, so far we think there are 3 visiting foxes, possibly mum & a couple of this years cubs.  After seeing the foxes nearly every night on the trailcam we had an inkling of Read More »A new home – 2nd August 2015