Aberfoyle – 22nd August 2014

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So having just returned from a week in Scotland I thought i’d share some pictures and thoughts.  I stayed in a place called Aberfoyle, in an amazing pub called the Forth Inn, right in the heart of the Trossachs.  Have you ever heard of the place?  Over the course of a week we met people of all nationalities but for some odd reason, very few English, not that its a bad thing but I wonder why this place is not as well known for its wildlife as other areas. Bung up a few specialist photographic wildlife hides and the powers that be could have a winner on their hands, not to mention a shed load of added revenue from visiting photographers, ie people like me. Here we go then, a couple of ospreys, red squirrels & some random birds on sticks, enjoy. And dont forget to visit the guys at the Forth Inn
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