Green turtle and diver

Apo island and Dumaguete, Philippines

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I recently got back from a diving trip to Dumaguete in the Philippines so it’s time to share a few pictures

Cant remember the name of the dive site but this was taken at Apo island, just as the Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) was on the way up to the surface.  You can see how shallow it is here, 4 or 5 meters at the most.

Green turtle and diver

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and diver, Apo island, Philippines © www.edbrown.co.uk

One of the many shrimps found around Dumaguete dive sites, this one a Squat shrimp (Thor amboinensis) commonly known as Read More »Apo island and Dumaguete, Philippines

Siladen Resort and Spa, Sulawesi, Indonesia. © www.edbrown.co.uk

Siladen trip report

This is the 1st time I’ve been back diving in Bunaken marine park for quite a while, having been mostly muck diving recently. Siladen is one of a group of islands that make up the park, others include Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehague and Nain.

We’re staying in Siladen Resort and Spa and the temptation is to eat way too much, I’m even eating cake! (if you know me you’ll understand) Usual Indonesian hospitality, not to mention Portugese 🙂 Nothing is too much trouble and if I don’t get fat from the cake I’ll be waterlogged from the iced tea & coffee 🙂

I 1st dived Bunaken around 1994 I think and there were always loads of sharks & turtles, good to see they’re still here, I’ve seen blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, green and hawksbill turtles, loads of little stuff too, usual doses of nudis, orangutan crabs, pygmy seahorses, baby narwhals and the odd mermaid or 2* (maybe not)

Siladen Resort and Spa, Sulawesi, Indonesia. © www.edbrown.co.uk

Siladen Resort and Spa, Sulawesi, Indonesia. © www.edbrown.co.uk

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